Adult Ministries

At East 40, we believe that we learn in rows in our worship services, but we grow in circles. This means creating community and doing life together helps us grow to be more like Jesus. We offer multiple opportunities for all to connect through small groups and other specific ministries. 

Please check out our list of ministries below to get plugged in!

Marriage Ministry

When we read the Bible, we see that God is for our marriages. Marriage gives us the opportunity to show the world the bigger picture of the relationship between Jesus and the Church. Marriage is awesome! But, we also know that marriage can be hard. That’s why we need to support and care for each other’s marriages. Our marriage ministry provides ways for couples to engage with each other, share stories, struggles, and successes. We have events, retreats and studies throughout the year. God is for your marriage, and we are too!

Men’s Ministry

East 40 strives to be a place where men feel that they can grow in their faith, use their abilities to bless others, and build quality relationships along the way. Through monthly meetings, annual retreats, and various activities, we strive to help men connect, grow, and serve.

Women’s Ministry

Life isn’t meant to be done alone. Through our women’s ministries here at East 40 we seek to provide opportunities for women to grow in their faith, build relationships, and bless those who they serve.

Senior’s Ministry

As a vibrant and vital part of who we are as a church, we encourage our seniors to never cease in seeking God’s will. We offer fellowship opportunities, encourage the continuation of learning through classes, and training to reach out to others in the community.

Each Wednesday E40 offers a Bible Study for Seniors beginning at 1:00pm in the Foyer.

Recreation Ministry

At East 40, we believe in being good stewards of the bodies that God has given us. We also believe that life is better done in the community. Therefore, we have created a recreation ministry to bring these two needs together. For more information on specific recreational activities we do throughout the year, contact our office.

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